NYC Rooftop Gardner big photo

NYC Rooftop Gardner big photo
September, 2013

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Euphoria Marginata–Snow on the Mountain



This is a beautiful, self-sowing annual that grows well on the roof.  The plants that self-sow grow taller and bloom for longer periods than the seeds that I tenderly plant and then transplant.  The hardiest plants came up between the cracks of the roof tiles.  It makes a great fill-in the spaces between taller shrubs and border annuals.

I fell in love with this plant at the Brooklyn Botanical garden and was happy to find seeds online.  It blooms from August through September and takes the heat pretty well.






  1. oh wow . . it's beautiful! does it need a lot of sun? i wonder if we could plant it in our children's garden by the laundry room . .

  2. I would be happy to give you some seeds.